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Fast & Simple Skip Bin Hire Service.

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About Bins On Wheels

Bins On Wheels are the new alternative in bin hire. They’re similar to front lift bins you may have seen in industrial areas or loading docks and are on wheels. They’re transported on the back of a trailer and as they’re a road registered vehicle, can be placed on the road without a council permit. Please note you do need to comply with parking restrictions.

Most Bins On Wheels have a lockable lid for safety and can be placed in garages and parking stations as well as under carports. They require a nominal area access clearance.

Simple steps of how it works

We will park your Mobile Skip Bin anywhere. On your driveway, in your garage. You choose the safe spot.

What you CAN put in this skip

General Waste – furniture, toys, washing machines, clothes, paper, kitchenware, cardboard, etc. Light Construction Waste – timber, plasterboard, etc. Light Commercial Waste – stationary, fridges, office furniture, etc. Light Green Waste – twigs, grass clippings, shrubbery, etc. 

What you CAN'T put in this skip

Hard, Heavy Materials – bricks, sand, clay, concrete, tiles, tires, etc. Heavy Green Waste – soil, soil with turf attached, tree trunks, roots, etc. Hazardous Materials – asbestos, insulation, liquids, empty chemical containers, wet paint, food, medical waste, etc.

Why Choose Us?

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Fast & Easy Delivery

Our regular and increasing customer base, from all parts of Australia, are happy to rely us for fast service.

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Guaranted Solution

Guaranted Solution for general waste bins have a weight limit of 150kg per cubic metre.

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Professional Work

Fully licensed and insured, Bins On Wheels is your Australia’s dumpster rental specialist.